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Hoóz Anna CV

Born (place, time): Budapest, 1991. 04. 28.


  • 2017 - Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia
  • 2013 - 2014 Novus Művészeti Iskola, Animation, Budapest


  • 2020 • FKSE - Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület (Studio of Young Artists’s Association)


  • 2021 • Art Market, MKE, Bálna Budapest
  • 2021 • Gallery By Night, FKSE
  • 2021 • Crime is a river, SUMO The Odd Year II, City Surfer Office, Prague. Curated by PINCE
  • 2021 • Project 833 Photoworkshop Exhibition, Csongrád Galéria
  • 2021 • Közös halmaz - FKSE
  • 2020 • Signals w/ Szécsényi-Nagy Loránd, PINCE
  • 2020 • Föltámadás (Resurrection) - Utca & Karrier Magazin, ISBN könyv+galéria
  • 2020 • CoronaExpo - here
  • 2019 • Code and Algorithm – Hommage à Vera Molnar, Vasarely Museum
  • 2019 • Digitális formatervezés - Múzeumok Éjszakája, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

  • 2018 • Raveolution, Fészek, Budapest

  • 2018 • Erdély Miklós 90, Három Holló, Budapest

drawing machine

slow grid,14,8 x 20,8 cm

'k' grid, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

'k' grid, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

'k meets h' grid, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

'argument' grid, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

squares, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

squares, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

narrative line, 24,8 x 34 cm

narrative line, negentropy-grid, 24,8 x 34 cm

meet up, 24,8 x 34 cm

narrative lines, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

narrative lines, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

narrative lines, gathering, 14,8 x 20,8 cm

3d printed drawings, ink on paper

I developed a system that makes drawings with a 3d printer. A hacked 3d printer, using only it's movements as a plotter machine. In this method, I work with all 3 axes of a coordinate system, which in result draws a 2d image. First I started with Morellet paintings’ structures, then I disorganized these randomly. Then I experimented with my handwriting where I have noticed that a lot of the time the u, v, n letters look the same. I organized them in structure and printed them out but the result had some random born technical errors, empty spaces. Then I began to make my machine drawings with a ruler, and a faulty printed wavy material. I wanted to imitate a machine with my lines, and interpret my technical errors as pseudo-elements in this series. This was an interesting part for me, almost like as if I had a conversation with a machine.


vhs modulations, video collaboration with loránd szécsényi-nagy

Having moved into a new technological age, as obsolete devices are replaced, their determining attributes are also removed from the medium, that are then unreproducible with new, state-of-the-art devices. However the fading of the memories and emotions caused by the lack of these devices is usually something that nobody accounts for. The click of the cassette at the end of the tape, the crackling of the vinyl, and the gradients of the polaroid appear to be missing for the users only after a significant time.With the disappearance of the VHS era and the spread of the digital age, analog modulation errors have almost completely disappeared. However, the desire for forgotten errors remain present as the memories associated with them became unconsciously part of us.
In the architecture of the video installation, the exhibited artists want to map the dimension of the boundary between human interpretability and machine perception through secondary time resonances and specific feedback. In video works an interface has been created in which the medium modulates with itself, thus creating a new phase, a layer. During the feedback, the image data flows into itself and then floats on the screens. By compiling (self-) generated image streams from different image sequences, the structure of which is built up by overlapping the repeated signals, vortexes appear as analog image noise, in which they can only be recognized as fragments of the original image content; fragments of a vanished virtual world.

photo credit: mátyás gyuricza



-what if there is a world outside of the box?

-you mean the whitespace world?

-what? that is not even a color

-you scientific blob thats not the point

flat_x whispers jerk

-did you wonder what’s this stairs for?

The Flatlines series is concerned with the visualization of dimensions, temporal collision and the unfolding of pictorial narratives. Following the Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) theory of Graham Harman, Flat Ontology (all elements are in an equal hierarchy) comes to the forefront of the narrative. Flatlines processes the afterlife of the three (axes/) planes in an anthropomorphic setting. After the imaginary encounter of the planes, the observer can become involved in their everyday lives. Leaving visuality, narrative dialogues offer a separate layer for interpretation. Reconnected with the picturesque previews, the color fields and their displacements (abstract expressionism) also exit their own dimension within the series.

flatlines series (click me && i'll take you out)


bitumen, paint, sand

Where I live the environment is usually under road construction and home of seemingly continuous train station recovery works. Day by day I recognized the beauty of the excavated asphalt fragments, which formed heaps in small pyramid sections. Some of them had an elegant wave in their structure so I decided to take a few home for further improvement. I put bitumens above different objects to get a fine wave as a result. I used the Sun to form them into greater shapes. I like to think that these objects are a cycle of the matter.

objective space

3d printed objects

A photogrammetry practice in a studio where the subject is the surrounding space itself. After I scanned the studio, it got transformed to 3d by printing it out as an object. It also functions as a personal existential imprint of the space.

hommáge a Mondrian

Interactive installation, web project

Be aware where to click, an anamorphic game with paintings.


Interactive installation, web project

Avoid taking a cliche sunset picture, you can create your own with these squares from Tihany


Interactive web project

log is an an(n)alog photo based blog. the order of the pictures is randomized. also a hommáge to Patience.

rock music

Interactive web project
collaboration with ákos plesznivy

it's a game in which rocks generate sound

goth them all

Interactive web project, video

game of life video as a piece of news

hommáge to erdély miklós / E90 memorial


I wasn't always able to remember my dreams except for colours, easy forms or feelings. Sometimes I couldn't sleep at all: I was just listening to the birds from my bed but couldn't understand their gossips.



    Interactive web projects

  • scale

  • scan

  • invert grid

  • noise


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